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Composite and IRODecking

This is a relatively new product which is a mixture of recycled plastic, wood fibre and a resin bonding agent. Although that does not sound particularly exciting, it means that once down the decking does not suffer the problems of the standard timber decking that was all the rage some years ago. It will not rot; it will not turn into a slippery danger zone in the wetter months, and it stays looking great without having to paint it over and over!

IRO – Yaki Sugi or Sho-Sugi Ban. This is a sustainably sourced softwood which is burnt with a naked flame. This produces stunning, charred effects which both enhance the grain features and protect the wood from rot and insect damage. It is then treated with a wood cream that results in a range of colours. This is a very on trend product currently!


IRO - Yaki Sugi or Sho Sugi Ban

Available in a wide of colours this beautiful Japanese style timber decking will last and last with minimal maintenance.


Decking on a slope

The perfect solution to for creating usuable space on a slope. This deck replaced some very dodgy concrete slabs that were slowly migrating down the hill. Now it;s a stunning terrace area, prefect for breakfast lunch or dinner.


Bespoke decking

Composite decking is versatile and you dont need to ask for a big square deck. Let us build you something a little more unique!

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