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Garden design

Using 3D design packages we can show you how your garden will look, even down to the plants. Our design packages start at £350 and give you a glimpse of what your dream garden could be.


In the initial consultation, we’ll discuss your ideas with you in your garden and match your budget to the scope of the project. We listen to what you want and see how we will utilise your garden space to deliver this.


We’ll survey the garden and create a base plan to refer to, noting the existing features of the garden – wall, trees, and level changes for example.
From this we can build up an idea of what is and what is not possible in your garden. We identify the best places for catching the sun or escaping it into shade. What are the best plants for your garden, and where they would be best placed.



Now we take all the information we have gathered and begin the fun bit! We will create three preliminary design concepts to give you some options and ideas of what we can do with your garden and your budget. You do not have to accept just one of these – you may see something in design #1 you like and want it adding to one of the other designs together with aspects of design #3. That’s no problem, because at this stage we are still creating the design that will be your new garden. We can then provide you with a firmer estimate for the project cost.

Once the design is finalised, we can render this into 3D and provide 3D walkthroughs if you wish.


Now comes the best stage of the project. We get you booked into our schedule and get to work! The groundworks will begin, and your old garden is no more. We set out the new garden and transform from the old to new!

Mediterranean Garden Design (6).jpg

Mediterranean garden

Using influences from Morroccan colour to Mediterranean style planting this garden is perfect for spending warm evenings with a glass of wine and good company.

NHS Trent Cardiac Ward Garden (10).jpg

Public garden in a hospital

We aimed to create an oasis in a busy and stressful hospital for staff, patients and visitors. The end result will fool you into thinking you are not in a hospital at all. You are surrounded by nature and sculpture.

Childrens-garden-design-on-slope (9).jpg

A childrens play garden

This garden was a steep sloping mess not at all child friendly. We used the slope to great effect to create angled steps and gave the children a slide to zoom down the hill.

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