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A patio is focal point of your garden. Whether it’s a small square of concrete, or a sweeping curve of porcelain with beautiful detailing, this is where you can place your table and seating and share time with the ones who matter most to you.

Make sure you have enough space for all those guests! We can build you a patio in porcelain, sandstone, granite, slate or limestone. Each of these tiles and slabs comes in a variety of sizes and colours



Porcelain has become increasingly popular over the few years and rightly so. We love it. It lasts, it easy to clean and a dream to lay. It will give your garden a modern crisp look and is available in many colours


Natural stone

Beautiful natural sandstone can give your garden a rustic l.ook. It comes in a varietyof colourrs from cool blue grey to warm browns and vivid oranges.


Reclaimed and recycled

We will happily use recycled materials and will actively help you to source them. These were picked up at a reasonable price from a reclaims yard and now make a fantastic path for our customer.

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