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Gazebos, Pergolas, screens and more

Add a building to your garden. Somewhere to sit in shade or in bad weather, a shelter from the rain. We can design and build bespoke structures for your garden.

NHS-Trent-cardiac-ward- city-hospital (13).jpg


Raised beds and planters from brick or timber add a classy look to any outdoor space. You can see this one in the Trent Cardiac garden in Nottingham City Hospital.

Garden-Buildings-and-Structures (5).jpg

Disabled access

We built raised beds for a community project in St Annes Allotments that are designed for multiple abilities. Whether you need to stand, sit or use a wheel chair this raised bed will work for you.

Garden-Buildings-and-Structures (8).jpg

Gazebo with bespoke screen

We bought in a gazebo in kit form and modified it to match the customer's needs. This screen works really well with the traditional look of the chunky gazebo

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