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Growing Space in raised beds

Whether in brick, cladded block work or timber raised beds are a great addition to any garden. As we get older bending down becomes more of an issue so it makes to bring the soil to meet us instead of vice versa. It is also a great way to get children involved in growing projects.

2022-03-03 16.28_edited.jpg

Porcelain clad raised bed

Incorporating a raised bed into this patio, step and decking will give a sense of movement and colour when planted up. Growing space makes the garden come alive.

planters and screening (4).webp

Timber painted raised beds

These beds are chique and practical. The light grey colour scheme makes them look more than just functional. For a relatively small space they are very productive too.

raised beds planters and screening (14).jpg

Community garden project

This large accessable bed was great fun to build. The feedback we received from the client was great too. Wheel chair users were able to use the bed effectively helping to plant up ready for the coming growing season.

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