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Water Features, Ponds and Rills

If you want nature in your garden - you need to add water. You don't need a lake even a bird bath will attract more biodiversity into your garden. But what if you have a stylish water feature as part of an integrated garden design? We can help with that!

wildlife garden pond.jpg

Wildlife Pond

Within days of filling this beautiful pond we saw our first dragon fly in the garden. The wooden logs in the pond acts as habitat for dragon fly to lay their eggs and they do so just above the water level.


Raised Water feature

If a rustic natural pond isn't your cup of tea, then how about a raised water feature with additional planters? Coupled with a water blade this will be a groovy addition to any garden.


Rill in Porcelain

You can even integrate your water feature  into your patio. This stunning rill with floating step and central water chamber adds something really special to this patio.

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